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Exquisite Rosewood Bracelet Box

Exquisite Rosewood Bracelet Box

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Size: W: 2.375" H: 9.75" L: 1.5"

SKU: WH330

Insert: Cushion with Tabs

Box Shell: Wood

Exterior finish: Glossy Stained Wood

Interior material: PU Leather


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Product description

  • Experience elegance with our Rosewood Bracelet Box, featuring a polished structure, rich cherry tones, and a timeless design—an ideal choice for presenting bracelets and watches. Crafted with sturdy construction, durable materials, and a PU leather lining, it ensures the safety of your jewelry. Perfect for retail display or personal use, its compact size and resilient lining provide a practical and stylish solution for organizing and showcasing bracelets and watches.
  • Sold by 12 piece packs
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