Collection: Cotton Filled Cardboard Boxes


Redefine Your Brand Class With Prestige & Fancy’s Cardboard Jewelry Boxes

At Prestige & Fancy, we offer the industry’s best Cardboard Jewelry Boxes With Cotton. We are known for our high-quality customised cardboard jewellery box selection all filled with foam to provide your jewellery pieces protection from scratching or damage. Whether you are looking for white swirl, gold, black swirl, Kraft, or silver, we have got you covered with our Cardboard Boxes for Jewellery!

We offer different shapes of boxes, including rings, earrings, watches, and necklaces, and small cardboard jewellery boxes for bracelets. All you need to do is choose your desired colour and shape of the boxes, and add them to your online shopping cart! We will provide the order to your doorstep as soon as possible!

Types Of Cardboard Cases Available

At Prestige & Fancy, we recognize each piece in your jewelry collection has its own story. To honour that, we offer a wide range of cotton-filled cardboard boxes designed to meet your specific needs. From colourful Cardboard Ring boxes to spacious compartments for necklaces and bracelets, we cater to every jewel's style. Each box is designed for versatility, with a variety of sizes and shapes to ensure a perfect fit.

Whether you seek a modern, sleek design or a touch of classic elegance, our cotton-filled cardboard boxes become treasured companions, showcasing the brilliance of your collection.

Key Features

Want to know why you should choose Cardboard Boxes in Canada? Here is why, you should choose Prestige & Fancy’s cardboard box collection:

  • Soft cushioning: Cotton provides a soft layer that cradles your jewelry, preventing scratches, nicks, and other damage during storage or transport.
  • Shock absorption:The cotton filling helps absorb minor bumps and impacts, offering additional protection for delicate pieces.
  • Enhanced aesthetics: The natural, soft look of cotton creates a classic and elegant presentation for your jewellery.
  • Simple elegance:The combination of cardboard and cotton creates a clean and simple look that lets your jewellery take center stage.
  • Lightweight:Cardboard is lightweight, making it ideal for shipping without adding excessive weight or cost.
  • Versatility:Cotton-filled cardboard boxes come in various sizes and shapes, accommodating different types of jewellery.

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Designed for elegance, durability, and undeniable style, our cardboard jewellery boxes filled with cotton elevate your brand with a touch of personality. Each box is fully customizable, allowing you to select the perfect size, colour, and shape to complement your unique vision. Further personalise your brand experience with seamless logo integration, transforming your jewellery boxes into treasured keepsakes. Check out with us to order your customised cotton-filled cardboard boxes now!