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A well-made watch box with a pillow offers a safe haven for your timepieces. It will save your watches from bumps and scratches, while the interior compartments with cushions keep the watches from jostling against each other.

At Prestige and Fancy, we offer premium watch boxes with pillows that help safeguard your watches from dust, dirt, and moisture. Our business has empowered countless businesses to showcase their products with our luxury jewelry packaging that elevated the brand’s presence.

We also offer Custom Jewelry Boxes for our clients. Our business journey began with Joseph Herzog, a skilled jeweler, arrived in Montreal from war-torn Czechoslovakia in 1953.

Benefits of Buying Personalized Watch Boxes From Prestige and Fancy

Our watch box lets you show off your favorite timepieces and you’ll find them all in the same place, neatly organized and safe. We don’t compromise on the quality of watch boxes so you always get the best ones from us. Our business prides itself on delivering exceptional watch boxes that come with durability and elegance. Each of our boxes is crafted with premium, high-quality materials.

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