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Classic Leatherette Bracelet Box

Classic Leatherette Bracelet Box

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Size: W: 2.125" H: 0.875" L: 8.625"

SKU: EC330

Insert: Cushion with Tabs

Box Shell: Plastic

Exterior finish: Gloss Paper

Interior material: Plush Velour

Product description

  • Present your loved one with our vintage Cartier-style Classic Leatherette Bracelet Box, featuring a textured leatherette finish with an elegant gold pattern—an ideal gift solution for bracelets or watches. Crafted from high-quality materials, it ensures long-lasting protection with a durable plastic encasing, soft velour insert, and a compact design for easy storage and display.
  • Available in your choice of Red, Black, or White
  • sold by 12 piece packs

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