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Simply Leatherette Bracelet Box

Simply Leatherette Bracelet Box

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Size: W: 2" H: 1" L: 8"

SKU: MP650

Insert: Cushion with Tabs

Box Shell: Metal

Exterior finish: PU Leather

Interior material: PU Leather

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Product description

  • Enhance your jewelry presentation with our Simply Leatherette Bracelet Box, available in classic black or white, offering a minimalist yet elegant backdrop for your pieces. Elevate your gift-giving with a modern touch of sophistication, as this box, featuring a tough metal encasing and soft PU leather insert, guarantees lasting durability for your cherished bracelets. An ideal choice for both personal and retail use, its compact design ensures easy storage while adding a touch of style to any setting.
  • Available in Black and White
  • Sold by 12 piece packs.
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